About the Dress Detective Podcast

The Dress Detective Podcast is an intersection of art, history, literature and fashion. In each episode, we explore an intriguing story related to fashion history. We delve into the people behind the fashions of history, why they wore what they did, and how it affected their lives. We ask the “why” and the “how”, not just the “what” of clothing from the past. Along the way we discover true crimes, mysteries, and even the paranormal.

The absurd. The obscure. The glamorous, and the ugly. It’s all here, ready to be investigated…

About the Host

Kelly Mann is a Costume Designer (MFA) and Fashion Historian specializing in 18th, 19th and early 20th century historical fashions. She researches, designs and creates historical costumes and accessories for individual and museums. Recent clients include The Tate House in Maine and James Madison’s Montpelier Museum. She is also a visual artist and photographer whose work has appeared in Early American Life and New Hampshire Home Magazine. She is passionate about art, history, literature and historical fashion. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three toy poodles.

View Kelly’s costume and design work at https://www.historical-fashion.com/